9/2/08 – Take Me out to the Ballpark (I’ll bring my yarn balls along!)

September 2, 2008 at 11:10 pm 1 comment

Baseball may officially be a spring/summer sport, but in my town, the memory of a World Little League Championship (in the 50’s, I believe) is still strong, and so there is Fall Ball.  I have three playing this season… meaning practices three weeknights and on Saturdays, with games soon to follow.  Crazy.  Messes with dinner and homework time.  How do those other parents survive it all with idle hands?

It is, of course, a time for those easy mindless projects, because you do have to watch enough not to miss your child’s turn at bat, or that pop fly they caught.  And it helps even more if you, sometimes at least, make something for them.  And so tonight, at my younger daughter’s Very First Ever t-ball practice, I made her a water bottle holder like those her older siblings have to take to their games.

You can knit them. You can crochet them.  Wool is good, as it insulates and doesn’t get soggy like cotton.  Acrylic can be okay too — you know it’s is going to get dirty and tossed around like crazy.  Odds and ends are fine…so are team colors, or whatever your child likes.  Here is one I made a while ago that my seven year-old still uses that has both knit and crochet sections and random earthly toned wool yarns:

And here is the one I made for my daughter tonight during her practice – it’s crocheted, and all in one yarn chosen to appeal to a purple-obsessed almost-five year old girl:

This is one project that appeals to all ages (something you can make for a teenage boy that will actually get used – imagine that!) and is easy to do.  Knit or crochet a cylinder, close the bottom somehow, make some form of eyelets for a drawstring around the top, and make a strap.  That simple. 

Okay, I know those directions were like saying “combine water, flour, salt and yeast, knead, rise, boil and bake” when asked how to make a bagel.  But there are more than one way to get to an acceptable finished product on these, and its a good project to get whacky/creative with. 

Okay, okay, I’ll show you what I did to make the purple one:

Start by crocheting a small loop and double crocheting nine stitches into it, like so:

Chain up a couple of stitches to the next row, and double crochet TWICE into each stitch (so now you have 18 stitches). 

With the bulky yarn I was using, I then had a circle close to the size of the base of a standard water bottle.  If you’re using thinner yarn, (or have a bigger water bottle) you may need to do another row of crocheting two stitches into each existing stitch to get the right size.  At this point, you continue even, crocheting one stitch into the stitch below, in a spiral, until your tube is the height you desire.  It’s going to stretch under the weight of the bottle, so make it about the height of the sides of the bottle before it narrows for the lid opening.  Here we go spiralling up the side:

End your spiral with a half-double and a few single crochets until it looks even, then chain up and do a row of eyelets (double crochet one, chain one, skipping a stitch in the row below).  Here’s how that looked as I was doing it:



End that off neatly by connecting with the first double crochet in the row and sewing in the yarn end.  Then make a strap however you like.  I made a long chain, then crocheted into both sides of it through the section that would be over the shoulder, so it’s wider and more comfortable.  Here I am putting a decorative row of chain through the center:



Then attach your strap/drawstring in whatever manner you see fit – I use the ends of the strap AS the drawstring – you figure out the rest.  The result – something useful, something fun.  The other kids on the team will have NO excuse for drinking from your child’s bottle, as no one else will have one like it.  They are also quick and easy to make (I really did make this purple one start to finish during her practice).  So have fun with the idea and give it your own twist!

Thanks to my ten-year old daughter for taking the “work in progress” shots!


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  • 1. ria f  |  September 5, 2008 at 4:27 pm

    Those water bottles carriers are a great idea!!

    Ria (tonyfan20 on Ravelry)


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