September 11th

September 11, 2008 at 4:08 pm Leave a comment

My second grader just came home from school telling of the day’s activities and the things they learned about — the events of the day, seven years ago, when they were all newborns or yet to be born.  One of his classmate’s birthday was today.  Fitting in a way, as life goes on despite tragedy and bad things.

Some months before the fated September 11th “when everything changed,” my oldest son, who had just turned eight, said to me following a homeschool history lesson that he was “glad that I was born after all the bad guy were gone.”  I remember being taken aback – Wow.  He imagined himself back then, at the tender age of eight, as living in a world with “no more bad guys.”  I gently told him that there still were bad guys in the world, and I spoke of wars and crimes “somewhere else.”  He should be thankful, I told him then, that HE was born somewhere peaceful.  Somewhere safe, with two loving parents and a nice home to live in.

Seven years later – and the world has changed.  The oldest son remembers 911, and is oh so aware now of the “bad guys” – the misery, wars, and injustice in the world.  At fifteen, he also remembers our “old life” of homeschooling and two parents — and the nasty divorce, and adjusting to public school and a mom who has to earn an income.    I’m not writing this to dwell on personal things, but to reflect back, and recognize that the world changes, sometimes, for all of us.  There is no going back to before, only the hope that something good and better will come out of that which is.  I think we as a nation and world are in a new era, still too close to see what it will bring.  But as with anything in life, how we respond and the actions we take afterward can make all the difference.  Today is a good day to reflect on such things as we spend peaceful time with our yarn and spinning wheels.  May God bless and protect us all.


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