Maybe “Daily” was too ambitious…

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Everyday I’m knitting or spinning or felting or doing SOMETHING fiber-related, so when I started (and named) this blog, I thought  – why not commit to posting daily?  Alas, it’s harder to find time to photograph and post than to actually DO the fibery things that I want to tell you about, and so I’m in the awkward position of saying, well…. maybe not always daily… can you forgive me?  (Can one rename a blog?)

Anyway, I’ve fallen behind in the things that I want to tell you about, and today I get an email from another etsian, AmyEsther, that she has featured one of my yarns in her blog  So, I told myself, I’ve REALLY gotta post! AmyEsther is a writer and a potter — if, like me, you love hand-thrown pottery, be sure to take a look at her etsy shop – lovely stuff!  Here is a sample of her work:

I really like the texture patterns that she incorporates into the glaze.  I tried pottery long ago, and my fingers kept poking through the pots… so I stick to my knitting…and spinning… etc. etc.

Okay, now for a fiber update.  Wednesday I finished up and submitted my entries for the skein & garment competition (I think I mentioned this earlier — it’s at Montpelier in Virginia the first week in October – ).  I delivered my entries, as well as those of several friends and some things my children made, by connecting with a festival organizer while I was in Charlottesville taking my youngest son for a medical appointment, so that was a full day.

 Thursday evening, I demonstrated spinning and showed off some of my yarns and finished items at the local Arts Council downtown.  From May – October, on the third Thursday of each month, there has been an event called “Art Walk” where various downtown businesses open their shops for an artist to exhibit and demonstrate.  Restaurants offer specials, sometimes there’s a band or literary readings- all designed to get people downtown and encourage support of the arts.  It’s fun — I was in a gallery with my work back in July.  This time I shared space with an exhibit of some contemporary regional women artists (I thought it fitting to be spinning in such a place, since textiles have been such a major part of women’s creative output for millenia).  I’m hoping to offer some classes and workshops through the arts council later this fall/winter (a baby step towards my goal of having a brick & mortar retail shop).  Here is my setup:

While there spinning, I was able to ply another skein of this:

It’s a soft wool that I handpainted, which is spiral-plied with a much finer handpainted silk that I also spun.  Nice and squooshy.  Destiny — to be determined.   Friday I took some pictures and did some spinning (nothing ready to show), and today I spent several hours at the Little League field while three of my children had games — I made a waterbottle holder for my three-year old out of some superwash wool in camoflague colors, worked a bit on a “something” I’m crocheting out of handspun dehaired llama singles, then came home to do laundry (is that a fiber-related activity?  Probably – but I’d rather be spinning!)  And so I end, resolved not to wait too many days between posts, but shyly edging away from the “daily” that my blog name promises.  Sigh.


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